Since its inception, serving the needs of the community has been a focus for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. From the long-standing partnership with the March of Dimes to its relationship with the Human Genome Project,Zeta has been a constant and effective force in answering the ever-changing needs of society.Z-HOPE: Zetas Helping Other People Excel ™ is the international service initiative set forth by the International Grand Basileus, Barbra C. Moore. It is an interactive, holistic, multidimensional, outreach program designed to enhance, cultivate and empower participants to develop healthy lifestyle choices.There are six primary objectives for Z-Hope:
  1. To provide culturally appropriate informational activities according to the Z-HOPE program format
  2. To foster collaborative partnerships between community organizations with shared goals
  3. To promote the opportunities for expansion in Stork’s Nest programs
  4. To facilitate community service and mentorship opportunities for members of the organization
  5. To provide an equitable chapter recognition program for community services rendered
  6. To provide a standard reporting format to concentrate efforts and demonstrate the organization’s impact

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. chapter members and its affiliates use a train-the-trainer approach to facilitateage appropriate programs within over 500 communities. Implementation plans include the entire United States and selected international countries. Interventions have been developed to meet the unique cultural needs of the African American community and persons of color.Z-HOPE is designed to work with the following groups of people: Women, Youth, Seniors, Men and International Women. Within each group, the program focuses on a holistic approach to touch on mind, body and spirit.By implementing the Z-HOPE program into the activities of the chapter, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Gamma Omicron Zeta Chapter has been very active in serving both the Essex County community and African countries abroad.